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Tomas Vestenicky: «Maybe I will stay in Russia till the end of my life»

First interview with our new striker.

– I’m really happy to join FC Chayka. I speak a lot about the club with my manager, and finally decide to accept an offer and sign a 2-years contract. It’s a step forward for me and a good opportunity to show myself on a new level. I realize that I have to work hard to be useful for a new club, and I’m ready for it.

When I was younger, I watched Russian Premier League, because Slovakian players was there: Robert Mak in FC Zenit Saint Petersburg and Jan Mucha in a club with difficult name [FC Krylia Sovetov Samara]. Now he is working as a goalkeeper trainer in FC Legia Warsaw. We were in good touch with Robert that time, now less. In FC Cracovia we played together with Janusz Gol, who spend 5 years in Russia [FC Amkar Perm].

– What did they told you about Russian football?

– They said that there are many quality players. I hope that when I’ll start playing in FNL, somebody will say the same about me (laughing).

– What do you know about our club, league and country?

– A little bit. I asked my manager basic things: where the club plays, where it have trainings and so on. It’s important for me. Of course, Rostov-on-Don is really far from my home. For example, now it takes me 3 hours to get to my hometown from Krakow. However, I already had the same period in my career, when I was playing in AS Rome.

For now, I don’t have much time for exploring the league, because of the busy calendar in our championship. I just checked the table, who is the top-scorer, watched some highlights. But I’m going to start learning Russian language and want to read more information about the league soon.

In Russia I was twice. In Moscow we played with AS Rome against CSKA Moscow in UEFA Youth League, and in Saint-Petersburg took part in Granatkin Cup with U-19 national team, so there was no time for sightseeing. So I’m looking forward to know Russia from inside.

– When are you going to arrive to Russia?

– Approximately, in the end of June. Polish championship ends on June 12. After it I’m going to take a rest and then arrive to Russia. My contract starts from the July 1.

– What did your family said about your decision to continue career in Russia?

– I don’t have either a girlfriend or a wife, so it was easy to make this decision. I visit my mom approximately every two weeks, so firstly she was not glad, as Russia is far away. Then she said: «If you are happy, I’m happy too». Hope she will come to visit me once to make sure that I’m fine. Or maybe I’ll stay in Russia till the end of my life and she have to visit me more often (laughing).

– I saw that you have several pics with Francesco Totti. Are you still in touch?

– We don’t chat a lot, but if I go to Rome we can easily meet, if he have time. By the way, he is working now with my ex-manager.

– Can you pronounce the name of the club and the village that we are representing?

– Chayka. It is easy. It means seagull, right? I saw it on the emblem. The name of the village is too long, but let me try and please promise not to laugh. Pes-cha-no-kop-sko-ye. Good? As soon as I arrive to Russia, I’m gonna take a few lessons and then I can perfectly pronounce the name of the village (laughing).

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